Date:  October 14, 2023

The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. (Psalm 46:7)

Join us in praying this verse over the Tarfa family in Nigeria. 

Professor Solomon Tarfa and his wife, Mercy, are the co-founders of the Du Merci orphanages in Kano and Kaduna states. The Tarfas are in the middle of a legal battle to secure the return of 16 children who were taken from their care in December 2019, when Professor Tarfa was unjustly arrested. 

The children should have been returned as soon as the professor was acquitted of false child abduction charges in 2021, yet they are still in a government orphanage. They are traumatised by the lengthy separation, and several have experienced emotional and physical abuse. 

Latest in a long line of delays

We previously wrote to inform you that the hearing on the case had been adjourned until 20 September, when the Tarfas were asked to bring evidence proving that allegations that they ran a ‘baby-making factory’ had been dismissed by the judge in an earlier case. However, this hearing was also delayed. 

Pray for victory and justice

In January this year, we celebrated Professor Tarfa’s long-overdue release from prison, after he was acquitted of a final false charge of forgery. Now we pray once again for justice and victory. 

Please pray:

  • That God would continue to comfort, protect and strengthen the entire Tarfa family, and bring an end to their prolonged distress.
  • That the case will resume as soon as possible, and conclude without any further delays or injustices.
  • That the judge would listen to the evidence fairly and rule righteously.
  • For the children’s long-overdue reunion with Professor Solomon and Mercy Tarfa – the only parents most of them have ever known.
  • For God to restore to them all that has been lost; for compensation and reparations.