Lebanon (MNN) — World leaders are eyeing rapidly rising tensions between Israel and its neighbors. In Syria, Israeli airstrikes put two major airports out of service a day before Iran’s foreign minister was scheduled to visit.

In Lebanon, Nuna with Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says, “Hezbollah decided that this is a good time to launch rockets inside Israel. Now you have the Israeli army at the northern border, and they’re shelling the southern part of Lebanon.”

Lebanese flag (Photo courtesy of Charbel Karam/Unsplash)

Hezbollah and Israel began exchanging tit-for-tat fire after Hamas launched its bloody assault this weekend. Hamas and Hezbollah are both terrorist groups backed by Iran.

“Hezbollah is waiting for occasions inside Israel, [in order to] launch an attack from the other side to weaken Israel.”

As Israeli troops and tanks moved to the northern border, Nuna says, “Israel [gave] notice to people in the southern part of Lebanon to leave their homes because they don’t want to shell innocent people.”

Over the past 48 hours, “All the schools closed; we see an exodus of people leaving the south to come towards Beirut.”

Experts say an escalation between Israel and Hezbollah could call global allies on both sides into action. Pray for peace, and ask the Lord to give Triumphant Mercy wisdom as they minister amidst rising regional tensions.


Header photo courtesy of Pixabay.