Date:                           October 13, 2023



Crackdown on lawyer's family continues 
Wang Quanzhang is a well-known human rights lawyer in China who lost his law license after a 2015 crackdown. ChinaAid just learned Communist officials have now persecuted his son by denying his ability to go to school. 

His son passed an interview, a written test, and even paid enrollment fees at one school before being denied. Here's more on how the CCP targets the kids of human rights defenders.

Pray for Wang, his family, and for educational opportunities to be divinely restored.  

Hong Kong cathedral displays CCP flag
On China's National Day (October 1), the Cathedral Church of St. John the Evangelist in Hong Kong displayed the national flag of China at the alter for the first time, sparking controversy. 

Local reports referenced several believers who felt uncertain about the placement of the flag and the contents of the sermon preached. Here's more on the 'flag debate' that some see as an "identity crisis" for Hong Kong.

Pray for Christians across Hong Kong and their persecutors. 

Sinicized churches asked to hold patriotic services
ChinaAid learned that sinicized churches across China were asked to organize commemorative, patriotic services in early September for the 78th anniversary of the Second Sino-Japanese War, known in China as the "Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japan." 

ChinaAid's reporter noted "the goal is that these commemorative activities would stimulate patriotic enthusiasm among Chinese Christians within a state-controlled religious framework." More on how the Sinicization of Christianity in China is a highly political movement.

Pray for the leaders and attendees of Sinicized Chinese Churches to truly know the Lord. 


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