Middle East (MNN) — Along with war, the Middle East is full of persecution. At the same time, this region holds so much potential.

“As many of your listeners [and readers] would recognize, there are so many lost people in the Middle East [who] desperately need the Gospel,” Brian Dennett with AMG International says.

Multiple ministry leaders tell MNN that the Lord is rapidly calling people out of Islam.

New believers from a Muslim background are ready to “go,” as the Great Commission calls us to do, Dennett says, but they often don’t have the necessary skills to “make disciples.”

“The Called,” a new AMG initiative, supports national missionaries in the world’s most difficult places to follow Jesus.

Yosua risks his life daily to take the Gospel behind enemy lines. Get an inside look into the lives of national missionaries like Yosua when you become a member of The Called.
(Caption, photo courtesy of AMG International)

“We’re looking to provide financial resources, training, and the support they need to reach their people,” Dennett says.

“They know the context of their culture and people, so we try not to influence that. But, at the same time, we want to be sure the churches are healthy doctrinally.”

Dennett says an initial investment in time, money, and energy will pay off over time – five years, to be precise.

“We have a goal with national missionaries, that they would become self-sufficient, and [then] the local church would support their missionary efforts,” Dennett says.

National missionaries will risk their lives daily to spread Christ’s love in dangerous lands where Jesus is not welcome. Partner with AMG here to support them.

“We are called to stand firmly for what we believe and the truth in a quickly shifting culture,” Dennett says.

“We’re also called to stand with our brothers and sisters worldwide and support them; resourcing, loving, and providing training is one way we can help.”


Header and story images courtesy of AMG International.