Date:  October 18, 2023

Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – A recent video of residents’ actions to stop church congregation worship activities went viral on social media. The incident allegedly occurred in a shophouse located in a warehouse complex in Tanjung Morawa District, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra, on the morning of October 15. Several residents who opposed the church service came to the shophouse.  

“Sir, now I ask the people inside to come out so that nothing happens. Later, more people will come. We don’t know what will happen if there are that many people,” said one resident to Tanjung Morawa Police Chief, AKP Firdaus Kemit. 

Kemit explained that the presence of police at the location was to prevent rioting by residents against the Christians gathered there. The police also tried to mediate between the demonstrating residents and the congregation who wanted to worship.  

International Christian Concern (ICC) previously reported on similar attempts to stop Christian worship gatherings in Depok City, and also other churches being closed or not granted permits to worship.  

HOW TO PRAY:  Please pray for the local Christians here and pray that there will be no more acts banning worship in Indonesia.  Pray for freedom for this church to operate. Pray for them to have peace within the community. Pray for this church to share the love of Christ with its neighbors.