Date:                         October 31, 2023


 Lu Siwei Prayer.png

We've just received important updates in the case of Lawyer Lu Siwei.

Sadly, Lawyer Lu was forcibly repatriated back to China in late September.

We learned the Chinese government secretly negotiated with Laotian officials after Lu's arrest in Laos on July 28th to take him to mainland China. 

This heartbreaking news demonstrates the extent of China's willingness to repress and transnationally persecute human rights lawyers like Lu! 

Lu was arrested before he could board a train to Thailand. He planned to fly to the United States to reunite with his family. 

However, your prayers and voice for freedom continue to be a powerful encouragement to his loved ones amid an absolutely terrible time. 

“In these past few months, with your companionship, encouragement, and support, I have finally made it through the slow, dark nights and seen a glimpse of light.” She continued, “He is physically and mentally exhausted right now and needs to rest for some time… Siwei and I will be forever thankful to everyone. Blessings to all our friends,” Lu's wife Zhang Chunxiao told ChinaAid.

Now...Lawyer Lu is currently out on bail pending trial in mainland China.

We're waiting for more updates, but ChinaAid remains committed to monitoring and reporting on Lu's case while supporting his family as they await more details about his situation.

Please keep Lawyer Lu and his family and your prayers. Your partnership with ChinaAid ensures Lu's case is monitored and reported on as we do all we can to support him and family.