Date:                            November 3, 2023


Please mark your calendar: The International Day of Prayer is right around the corner on Sunday, November 5!  

During this annual observance, millions of Christians will come together in a spirit of unity to lift up our persecuted brothers & sisters in fervent prayer. 

And I want to personally invite you to participate! How? It’s simple. 

1) Set aside a designated time to pray. 

On Sunday, November 5, please make plans to pray individually—or ask a family member, friend or fellow church member to join you in your intercessions for the persecuted church. 

2) Access Global Christian Relief’s complimentary prayer guide.

You’ll receive six special prayers to pray along with related Bible verses, a fasting guide and more. Plus, you’ll get short stories about our persecuted family shining the light of Christ in the darkest places. 

Get The Prayer Guide

Thank you in advance for your participation on the International Day of Prayer. Our persecuted family members are truly grateful for your love, prayers and support on this special day of the year.