Date:                             November 7, 2023


A violent assault in the bathroom by a Chinese police officer. 

Dragging a Christian preacher across the floor after his arrest.  

We've just reported on this horrific update from our Christian brothers and sisters at Early Rain Covenant Church after law enforcement took a group of believers to the police station. 

A national security agent violently assaulted Deacon Jia Xuewei after dragging him into the bathroom. The persecution was so horrific that other policemen had to stop this agent from beating Deacon Jia! 

Another church member, Preacher Ding Shuqi was dragged and beaten by police after being taken. 

Ultimately, police took a total of nine Christians, the latest example of horrific persecution against Early Rain Church after a repressive crackdown against this congregation in 2018. 

Yet these faithful Christians remain committed to the Lord despite the Communist Party's brutality! Our media team reported how "All nine arrested Christians shared their difficult experience in the police station but also how they witnessed God’s grace."

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P.S: Watch Early Rain Member Hao Guiru's emotional reunion with her fiance after his release from the police station. Thank you for praying for supernatural comfort for these brave church members!