Date:                            November 13, 2023

Take Action Now! Protect Persecuted Afghan Christians from Deportation in Pakistan.
The government of Pakistan recently declared a sweeping operation to expel illegal foreign nationals from the country. Undocumented immigrants who fled the Taliban have been given an ultimatum: leave by November 1st or face detainment and deportation back to Afghanistan.
The Crisis at Hand 
In the aftermath of the Taliban's resurgence in Afghanistan in 2021, a staggering 600,000 to 800,000 Afghans sought refuge in Pakistan to escape the brutal rule of the terrorist group. Among them are vulnerable individuals, particularly Christians, at risk of religious persecution. 
International Christian Concern has identified at least 1,000 Christians in Pakistan who are now on the brink of being deported back to Afghanistan. Given the dynamic nature of the situation, we believe this number is significantly higher.
Join us in calling on the government of Pakistan to make an exception for Christians and religious minorities in the country. 
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