Mozambique (MNN) — American missionary pilot Ryan Koher spent four months in a maximum security prison in Mozambique after wrongful detainment. Now, although he’s back in the United States with his family on provisional release, Ryan hopes to return to Mozambique after his case is closed and continue Gospel missions through Mission Aviation Fellowship, known in Mozambique as Ambassador Aviation.

Ryan says, “During my detainment, I think I gained a new love for the Mozambican people and a deeper and more rich understanding of who they are as a people. We feel that God is calling us back and we’re really excited to be going back.”

(Photo courtesy of MAF)

While the Kohers are in the States on furlough, they’re connecting with support partners, debriefing and training with MAF, and enjoying a time of refreshment with loved ones.

The next deadline for Ryan’s case is in June. If the prosecutor in Mozambique doesn’t make a decision before then, the investigation will expire or need to be renewed.

“We trust God for safety through wherever He leads us,” says Ryan. “We know it may not be an easy ride, and it hasn’t been an easy ride. But He was with us through all the trials and struggles that we had to go through.”

Pray for the investigation in Mozambique to end favorably and Ryan’s case to be closed. Ask the Lord to open doors for the Koher family to continue ministry in Mozambique.

Ryan’s wife, Annabel Koher says, “God was calling us to come alongside Him in the ministry that He is doing in Mozambique to reach the Mozambican people with the true Gospel — and that hasn’t changed. That’s still the same.

“We know that when God calls us to something, we are committing to it. We know that there will be hard. We didn’t necessarily expect that we would experience this! But we knew that we would experience hard.”

You can support Ryan and Annabel Koher’s ministry with MAF here.


Header photo courtesy of MAF, used with permission from the Koher family.