person overlooks haiti

Haiti (MNN) —  “We’re here to help the people,” Eva DeHart with For Haiti With Love said. 

An organization in Northern Haiti, For Haiti With Love, takes the call of Matthew 25:35-40 to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, and shelter the homeless seriously. 

The headquarters of For Haiti With Love is part medical clinic, part pharmacy, and part homeless shelter. 

“It’s a variety of things that you encounter with people who have absolutely no flexibility with money,” DeHart said.  “We’re dealing with the poorest of the poor in the population, which means there is no emergency fund.”

For many Haitians, they have come to rely on For Haiti With Love as a place to go when they have emergencies. 

The organization transports people to the hospital and helps arrange how people will pay for their hospital visits. 

“It’s just a variety of things that come up that you’ve got to have flexibility in your budget and in your personnel to be able to deal with, we’re there to help the people and sometimes their definition is a little bit broader than ours,” DeHart said. “And so you try to fill that gap.”

One challenge this ministry faces is security. DeHart said a necessary part of living in Haiti is having a security team of armed guards as well as gates around their facility. 

For Haiti With Love is well-known enough in the area that they can manage the demand for medical care and food more than ministries closer to the Port-au-Prince area. 

While working with patients, a majority of whom are being treated for burns, For Haiti With Love makes it a priority to share the Gospel through prayer. 

“We make them very aware that without God’s provision, we wouldn’t be there to be this disperser of His funds in order for them to get the benefit…God is the supplier, we are just managing it,” DeHart explained. 

For Haiti With Love has been blessed by very loyal supporters in the United States. DeHart said they pray to be the best stewards of the money they get. 

Medical care for burn victims can be very expensive and it can take a long time for a patient to heal, but DeHart says that she prays people will stick with the organization in their giving so they can continue to help people in need. 

Pray for peace to be brought to Haiti and that For Haiti With Love can continue to service the community of Northern Haiti well.