Date:                           November 16, 2023



On the morning of November 9, Elder Li Yingqiang and Pastor Dai Zhichao of Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church traveled to Dazhou City to visit the “Good Land Mission Center” who was hosting a baptism session, Communion, and a worship service in a hotel conference room.

Police stormed into the venue in the afternoon and took 13 Christians to the police station! 

We just learned two faithful believers, Elder Li Yingqiang, and Hou Duosho are still detained by authorities! 

The Good Land Mission Center is a faithful subsidiary of Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church and is led by Hou. 

This brave Christian dedicated his life to sharing the Gospel after hearing the Good News as a prisoner of conscience behind bars for more than a decade.

You can respond to this horrific persecution with a gift to ChinaAid's Emergency Fund to support the families of those still detained and to empower Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church leadership to minister to their congregation and remain resolute to the Lord.

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P.S: Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church asked fellow Christians to pray 'that God’s glory is filled all over the place in the good land of Dazhou city. May the gospel shake the city, and yield hundred times of fruit. May God keep elder Li Yingqiang and brother Hou Duoshu. They asked others to pray for their immediate release, and that God fill their heart with gratitude and love of fellow brothers during the tribulation.'