Afghanistan (MNN) — Oppression and injustice grow daily in Afghanistan. Restrictions imposed by the Taliban occupy even the most intimate spaces – homes, families, and minds.

“In countries like Afghanistan, we get some of the longest messages,” SAT-7’s Joe Willey says.

“Conversations between a viewer support team member and a [caller] may go on longer than [in] other countries that have the freedom [to worship Christ.]”

SAT-7 provides Gospel access in the Middle East/North Africa region and supports believers through satellite TV and digital services. More about that here.

SAT-7 recently surveyed its viewers in Afghanistan and Iran about women’s rights and religious freedom. The results held few surprises. “We hear of the struggles; we have, at times, heard very difficult stories,” Willey admits.

Yet hope remains. “Although we in the West may shake our heads and lament the lack of freedom to follow Christ, the Church is growing. That is a testament [to] the power of God working through His Church,” Willey says.

“It is not just a gloomy prognosis. There is hope because our hope is in Christ.”

SAT-7 programs like Insiders encourage Afghans who long for greater religious freedom and autonomy – support from believers like you keeps Insiders on the air.

Learn more about SAT-7’s work in Afghanistan here.

“If you learn more, you can have a real understanding and compassion for people in much different circumstances than many in the West,” Willey says.

Most importantly, pray. “Prayer is not a last resort. It’s a first response,” Willey says.

“Pray for isolated believers in countries where their freedom is limited.”


A series of earthquakes in October caused massive destruction and suffering in western Afghanistan. (Photo courtesy of SAT-7)