Date:                        November 17, 2023



Activist Zhu Yufu arrested for trying to leave China
ChinaAid learned that well-known pro-democracy activist Zhu Yufu was arrested at the China-Vietnam border in an attempt to try and travel to visit his critically ill sister in Japan. After being detained and subject to inhumane treatment, Zhu is currently in Hangzhou under 24-hour surveillance by officials. More on Zhu's brave pro-democracy activism and the horrific persecution he's endured.

Pray for Zhu's health, safety, and protection, and please pray for his persecutors. 

Police raid Good Land Missions Center event 
On November 9th, police raided the Good Land Mission Center while they were holding a baptism session, holy communion, and a worship service in a hotel conference room. Police took 13 Christians to the station and as of November 15th, were still holding Elder Li Yingqiang and Hou Duoshu. Read the public prayer letter from Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church to intercede for these persecuted believers.

Pray for Elder Li and Hou's health and protection, and please pray for their persecutors.  

Catholic bishops sign petition supporting Jimmy Lai 
Ten Catholic bishops from across the world signed a petition urging Hong Kong officials to "immediately and unconditionally release Jimmy Lai." The founder of Apple Daily, once the most popular independent Chinese-langauge newspaper in Hong Kong, is set to go on trial starting December 18th after his arrest in August 2020. More on how many believe Lai's arrest is a scheme to suppress freedom of speech.

Pray for Jimmy Lai and his persecutors. 

Christian mother affirms children's innocence
The mother of Pastor Wan Changchun and Wan Chunqin of Living Stone Reformed Church in Anhui has affirmed the innocence of her son and daughter after both were arrested on a fake "fraud" charge. “Now that my two children are being accused of “fraud” for serving the Lord, I cannot accept it! It is an insult to our family, Li Xiuying said.

Pray for Pastor Wan Changchun, Chunqin, Li, Living Stone Church members, and their persecutors. 



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