Date:                            December 5, 2023


Living Lyrics Testimony.png

Today's a somber 'anniversary' for one of our faithful brothers in Christ, Pastor John Cao. 

Six years and nine months ago, on March 5th, 2017, Pastor John and a colleague were intercepted and detained by Communist Party authorities in Yunnan Province. 

Sadly, Pastor John was never freed after that day. 

He was sentenced in March 2018 to seven years in prison on a fake "organizing illegal border crossings" charge due to his faith in Jesus Christ and missionary work. Thousands of lives were transformed by his heartfelt service. 

Pastor John's faith in our Lord has NEVER FAILED while unjustly imprisoned. 

He's written so much poetry reflecting on his faith, missionary work, and family, that ChinaAid published a collection of translated poems in 2021 titled 'Living Lyrics.'

Please join me in prayer today for Pastor John as he remains steadfast despite persecution, and please remember his family and friends as well.

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Thank you for your heart and passionate prayers for Pastor John! Learn how you can send him an encouraging Christmas card.

Serving the persecuted with you,

Bob Portrait Square

Bob Fu, ChinaAid President