Malaysia (MNN) — After 6 years, a mysterious abduction case gets a new spotlight.

Pastor Raymond Koh was forcibly taken off the street in Malaysia on February 13, 2017. Prior to his disappearance, he and his wife Susanna were getting threats for ministry work and falsely accused of illegally evangelizing Muslims. After Raymond Koh was taken, his case garnered international attention.

Pastor Raymond Koh, Susanna Koh, and their family. (Photo courtesy of The Voice of the Marytrs)

Todd Nettleton with The Voice of the Martyrs says, “The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia did an investigation. Their report blamed the Security Police in Malaysia. But it didn’t force the police to open their records and say, ‘Here’s what happened.’”

Susanna Koh sued the Malaysian government and security police officials, and the trial began earlier this year.

The next hearing will be on December 12 and 14, when Susanna will continue her statement.

Nettleton says, “I’ll never forget interviewing Susanna and she said, ‘You know, every morning, I wake up and I wonder, ‘What happened to my husband? Is he alive? Is he dead? Is he sick? Is he well? Are they torturing him? Are they taking care of him? What’s happening with my husband?’

“The thought of waking up every morning for now more than six years, having to have that internal conversation, I hope that motivates our listeners to pray for her and to pray for this legal process.”

Please pray justice for the Koh family.

For Susanna, specifically, Nettleton says, “Pray for her to have wisdom and encouragement as she is pursuing this process and really pursuing answers.”

Click here to sign the petition for Raymond Koh’s release and for the Malaysian government to release any and all information related to his disappearance.


Header photo of Malaysia flag. (Photo courtesy of Mkjr/Unsplash)