Date:  January 6, 2024

China (International Christian Concern) — A Chinese government agency has launched a propaganda film attacking human rights and religious freedom magazine Bitter Winter for allegedly promoting cults in China.  

The film was launched in June 2023 and then re-launched in late December throughout China. The government agency is the state-funded China Anti-Xie-Jiao Association, an anti-cult organization that bans different religious groups in China. 

 In the film, the agency accuses Italian-based Bitter Winter and its parent company of promoting cultic religious groups that have been banned across China. Massimo Introvigne head of Bitter Winter’s parent body, said the film spread “bizarre lies” and termed it the “dumbest anti-cult movie ever made.” 

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for people throughout China to see through the government’s propaganda. Pray for protection for staffers at Bitter Winter. Pray for growth within the Chinese church.