Date:                            January 11, 2024



One year ago on January 11th, 2023, a terrible tragedy occurred against God's people in Wenzhou City. 

In the cover of night, dozens of police confronted, harassed, beat, and even arrested believers as several large cranes worked for hours to forcibly and totally demolish the beautiful Nangang Church!

Officials decided to forcibly destroy Nangang Church on January 11th last year without any sort of compensation plan for the congregation.

Instead, Communist authorities tore down the church with plans to use the 8-acre site for commercial buildings. 

After this terrible tragedy a year ago, your immediate partnership and prayers profoundly blessed this congregation. Support helped cover medical care for Christians brutalized by police and equipped elders to rent space to keep weekly worship and Sunday School classes going even without a permanent building. 

Our brothers and sisters at Nangang Church continue to remain faithful in 2024!  

They all know that no matter how many crosses and churches come down at the hands of the Communist Party– the Lordship of Jesus Christ is and remains unshakable!

Please keep praying for Nangang Church as they stand steadfast and strong. 

One year after this horrific church destruction, your partnership on this somber anniversary will be a big blessing to these church members. 

As the Lord leads, a gift today to Nangang Church helps leadership provide for their congregation and ensures they have enough support to keep renting space for church activities. 

Or, a gift to ChinaAid's emergency fund empowers you to be on the front-lines and help quickly respond to brutal, and unforseen acts of persecution, like overnight church demolitions. 

Thank you for remaining committed to our persecuted brothers and sisters!

Serving the persecuted with you,

Bob Portrait Square

Bob Fu, ChinaAid President & Founder