Belarus (MNN) — Belarus was called out last week by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom for its new religion law. This new law imposes harsher requirements on religious communities like annual re-registration and strict fines for illegal religious activity.

Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) reached out to their connected churches in Belarus to get their reaction. SGA’s Eric Mock says Belarusian pastors have a unique perspective to share.

“They reminded me very quickly that the churches there were born of the difficulties of ministering during the days of the Soviet Union, during the days of Communism when the churches were greatly persecuted. So in the middle of those persecutions, they were aware of the laws and they did what they could to honor the government to the extent that they could while they were faithful to preach and teach the Gospel.”

Essentially, they have seen these types of challenges before — and even worse. With that in mind, these pastors and Christian leaders are familiar with advancing the name of Jesus Christ amidst roadblocks.

Mock says, according to the pastors in Belarus, “The work of advancing the Gospel and advancing the Church and planting the churches remains unchanged.

SGA works with churches in Belarus, equipping them to proclaim Christ as King. (Photo courtesy of SGA)

“They respect the government, they want to be salt and light before the government, they want to honor the government. That doesn’t mean that they agree with the government, but they want to be people who are beyond reproach.”

These faithful believers’ perspective serves as an encouragement to other Christians facing opposition and challenges. And you can encourage them with your prayers.

“The greatest prayer request that we have for the Church in Belarus is that they would remain faithful.”

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Header photo of students receiving training in Minsk, Belarus. (Photo courtesy of SGA)