Date:  February 2, 2024


United States (International Christian Concern) – Protestors in Denver, Colorado, are targeting a Christian coffee shop for its faith-based beliefs. For more than seven months, a group known as the Denver Communists has staged monthly protests outside the café’s doors, intimidating foot traffic on what should be the shop’s busiest night of the month. Protestors criticize the business for its Christian values and connections to a local church.

The Drip Café was established in June 2023 after a nonprofit organization, Recycle God’s Love (RGL), sought a sustainable way to support its mission of providing Denver’s homeless community with “hot meals, clothing, hygiene, life-saving winter supplies, and the love of Christ.” Through the café, owner Jame Sanchez has used the business to provide jobs and resources for homeless people. The shop also provides training on money management, interview skills, and resume building.

When the Denver Communists connected the café to its Christian roots at RGL, protestors started harassing the business for its stance on biblical marriage. In addition to monthly organized protests which harm profits, the café is repeatedly vandalized, and both employees and customers are harassed. The protest group recently held a “Drag Against Drip Café” event, targeting Sanchez and his shop.

In response to the ongoing harassment, Sanchez said, “[The business] stands on Scriptures that mention homosexuality being wrong and a sin, but that’s also mentioned among a list of things that we believe the Bible holds to be sin. So it’s not that they’re being singled out. … In my belief, we’re all guilty of sin, including myself. I don’t hate anybody. And [LGBTQ+ community members] are all welcome in here. We serve LGBTQ people all the time — almost every day.”

Despite Sanchez’s efforts calling for a truce with protestors, the organization continues a targeted campaign against the Drip Café. In a Facebook post from the Denver Communist’s profile, the group recently celebrated that the business could go under soon. However, the Christian community has rallied behind Sanchez and the Drip Café, with a crowd-funded campaign raising almost $20,000 to keep the business afloat.

McKenna Wendt Advocacy Manager for ICC said, “I am disappointed but not surprised by the ongoing harassment against the Drip Café. As Western societies continue to become more intolerant toward Christian beliefs, the targeting of innocent small businesses and religious organizations will only increase. While free speech is a fundamental right and protected under the First Amendment, no one should have to face violence, vandalism, or harassment because of their faith.”

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for protection for this Christian business. Pray for them to share the love of Christ in their community. Pray for the protestors to come to know Christ.