Date:                          February 8, 2024


We just learned that CCP travel restrictions were lifted for democracy activist Zhu Yufu, making it possible for him to travel to Japan just a few days ago to visit and stay with his ailing sister who is stricken with late-stage lung cancer. 

Zhu, who said last year that officials have "always listed me as ‘Zhejiang’s number one threat’ to social stability," has been under house arrest since his latest release from prison. 
Overall, he's spent 17 years behind bars without admitting guilt for his democracy activism.

In November 2023, Zhu was desperate to visit his sister Zhu Yanmin in Japan, and attempted to cross the border into Vietnam. He was detained by Chinese police and subject to inhumane treatment for a couple of days. 
Earlier in 2023, Communist officials took Zhu's passport even though they previously approved its issuance and Japanese authorities approved a three-month visa in February 2023. 
Zhu was also diagnosed with stomach cancer in November 2023 and has undergone a removal surgery and two rounds of chemotherapy. 
Please pray for Zhu and his sister Zhu Yanmin's immediate healing from cancer. and for their time together in Japan after years of separation and persecution against Zhu Yufu.

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