Date:                           February 9, 2024



Activist Zhu Yufu allowed to leave China
Well-known democracy activist Zhu Yufu, who has been under house arrest with travel restrictions since his 2018 release from prison, was permitted to leave China earlier this month to visit his sister in Japan who is stricken with late-stage cancer. In total, Zhu has served 17 years behind bars for his pro-democracy work. Here's more on the immense persecution Zhu has suffered due to his heart for liberty. 

Pray for Zhu and his sister's health, and their time together in Japan. 

Trial ends for Inner Mongolian Christians
About a month ago on January 8th, the trial against Wang Honglan and other Christians ended, with a verdict not yet announced. The believers were accused of "illegal business operations" for buying and re-selling Bibles at a lower cost. Read Wang's comments to the court where she shared about God's love!

Pray for these jailed Christians and for their persecutors.

Six Christians harshly sentenced in Dailan
Sadly, Communist officials imposed harsh prison sentences on Pastor Kan Xiaoyong and five others for spreading the Gospel through the 'Discipleship Home Network' online platform. Pastor Kan received a 14-year sentence, with his wife Wang Fengying receiving four years. Here's how the defense attorneys bravely advocated for their clients despite a lack of rule of law in China.  

Pray for these jailed Christians and their persecutors. 

Jiangsu officials ban churches
In January, officials in Jiangsu province banned five church institutions, including a house church associated with Beijing Zion Church, and the Elim Youth Fellowship. Other institutions deemed as "illegal social organizations" were also banned. More on how CCP officials are focused on totally stopping any institution tied to Beijing Zion Church.

Pray for officials in Jiangsu, and for the area's faithful house churches. 

Mayflower Church adapts to West Texas
This week, West Texas news outlet CBS7 reported on the Mayflower's hard work in Midland/Odessa Texas to keep learning English, find jobs, and raise their kids as they attend local schools. First Baptist Church Midland has agreed to let the Mayflower Church use worship space during the week.

Pray for the Mayflower Church kids who are attending school. 



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