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Sudan (MNN) — As millions in Sudan face the risk of the largest hunger crisis in the world, Bible translators within the country need your prayer support as they press forward in their work. 

More than 8 million people have been displaced since the outbreak of conflict in April 2023 between Sudan’s military and the paramilitary group called Rapid Support Forces. See our full coverage here.

Amy, a worker in the Bible translation industry, says the chaos has slowed or stopped altogether much of their work in four Sudanese languages and dialects.

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Photo of a family in Sudan courtesy of Sudan Envoy/Wikimedia Commons.

“But in some cases, now, we’ve been hearing of the workers returning back to our partner and to the place that they’re doing the work, because they know that they can be safely there,” she says. 

Amy says these partners leading the translation efforts have expertise and experience working in the region. They are prepared to help their returning brothers and sisters work through trauma. 

“I think the fact that people are returning to do the work speaks to that. They know that by going there, they’re going to be cared for not only to make sure that the work is done, but cared for as a person,” Amy says.

Many have lost family, homes and churches and had to flee from everything they have known. At the same time, they are utterly convinced of the value of God’s Word. 

“They want their own people to know Jesus in in a way that’s meaningful to them. They’re committed to doing the work whether that means it’s unsafe or scary for them. They want more and more people to come to know Christ.”

Amy can’t share the details of their translation projects, but that isn’t an obstacle to our prayers. 

Ask God to protect the entire team and provide every resource they need. Pray for peace, and for God’s Word to reach Sudan and transform it. 

Finally, pray for the local partners as they help the returning Sudanese walk through grim wartime realities. 

“To deal with the trauma, (encourage) their faith, keep them uplifted and keep them strong during this time is very difficult. So continue to pray that God would minister to their hearts and speak to them through the Holy Spirit, keeping them strong and firm and grounded in their faith,” Amy says. 


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