Haiti (MNN) — Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry announces his resignation as life in Haiti becomes even more chaotic and unpredictable. Gang violence uprooted more than 15,000 Haitians last week.

Kate Michel with Radio 4VEH, a Trans World Radio partner, says, “Over the last few weeks and days, especially, tensions have been getting worse in Haiti as gang leaders have been calling for the resignation of the prime minister.”

Regional leaders call for a transitionary council to appoint Henry’s temporary replacement and organize elections, but the ‘who’s’ and ‘when’s’ of these arrangements remain unclear. Gang leaders are now pushing to be part of any power-sharing deal.

(Photo courtesy of Radio 4VEH)

“There’s a lot of chaos in Port au Prince, and people have been suffering from it. The gangs have gained a lot of control over the last couple of years; the police don’t have much authority,” Michel says.

The fact “that the Prime Minister has agreed to resign is a whisper of change. But much more needs to be done for law and order to be re-established, for people to go about their lives safely and freely and take care of their families.”

Based in northern Haiti, 4VEH continues to broadcast the hope of Christ into Haiti’s despair.

“We are continuing to ask people to pray for Haiti. This is a long and complicated situation; the headlines can’t cover all the issues,” Michel says.

“We’re thankful for the relative calm that we’ve experienced in Cap Haitiën where 4Veh is based,” she continues.

“We’ve been able to stay on the air every day, broadcasting the Gospel, helping people understand that God is still on the throne and sovereign.”

Thousands have fled the ongoing violence in Port au Prince, adding pressure to remote communities like Cap Haitiën. Their arrival “puts extra pressure on people struggling to survive there. Then, some people are turning up with no family connections, needing to start building their lives from scratch,” Michel says.

“There are a lot of needs all over the country.”

Consider adding Haiti to your daily prayer list. “Pray that this new transition will be peaceful; that the gangs will give control to those in authority who can lead Haiti well,” Michel requests.

Ask the Lord to intervene and bring peace as only He can. “He’s got a plan and a purpose, not just for Haiti the country, but for every Haitian,” Michel says.

“Keep praying and standing by and expressing concern and love for friends in Haiti.”


Header and story images courtesy of Radio 4VEH.