Pakistan (MNN) — Do you remember hearing about the woman in Pakistan who was harassed by a mob because of her dress a few weeks ago?

“The woman was walking through the bazaar with her husband when a Muslim man noticed the Arabic calligraphy and began following the couple,” FMI’s Nehemiah reminds us.

The Muslim man accused the woman of blasphemy, which riled up the surrounding crowd. “This bazaar has more than 500 small shops, and it’s overcrowded,” Nehemiah says.

“Everybody wanted to kill this woman; [one] person even claimed that he was going to shoot this woman down.”

Here’s the part that didn’t make the international headlines: Johnson Tariq, a Christian shop owner, risked his safety to shelter the woman and her husband.

The Muslim woman watches in horror as Johnson Tariq and his employees protect her from a violent mob.
(Photo courtesy of FMI)

“[This] Christian man took the bold move to secure the woman within his shop and gave refuge to this Muslim woman who was about to [be] killed by this Muslim violent mob,” Nehemiah says.

“Meanwhile, two Christian salesmen who work with this Christian shopkeeper formed a human chain attempting to calm the approaching mob that sought to breach the shop; [they even threatened] arson.”

Tariq and his employees kept the woman safe in Tariq’s food shop until police arrived and calmed the crowd, securing the safe release of the woman and her husband.

Actions like these can easily turn into Gospel opportunities. Pray believers in Pakistan will be bold in sharing Jesus with their Muslim neighbors.

“Please pray for these Muslim brothers and sisters. That is our mission ground,” Nehemiah says.

“This is where FMI is serving [so] that these people can see the light of Jesus Christ and they will know who is the real Savior.”

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Header image depicts a typical outdoor bazaar in Pakistan. (Photo courtesy of Arman Sabir/Pixabay)