Date:                            March 15, 2024



Pastor Cao's first testimony 
Our media team transcribed and published Pastor John Cao's first testimony since his March 3rd release from prison. Pastor Cao recounts how "I have been separated from you all for seven years, but these seven years have been filled with joy, filled with God’s grace, and everyday God’s special presence has been with me." Read Pastor Cao's testimony.

Pray for Pastor Cao's health and recovery after prison. 

Two church elders out on bail 
Today, we reported that Elders Hao Ming & Wu Jiannan of Qingcaodi Reformed Church in Sichuan were released under bail to their family members after spending months in arbitrary detention! They still await trial for "fraud", but they are rejoicing in the Lord with their family members! Here's a photo of these faithful Christians.

Pray for Elder Hao & Wu, their legal team, families, and persecutors.

Ding Jiaxi in solitary confinement 
After a visit from his lawyer on February 29th, Ding Jiaxi reported that he is in solitary confinement, has "homework" each day, and has no communication rights. Read our latest report on Ding Jiaxi's condition since his sentencing in April 2023 to 12 years in prison.

Pray for Ding's safety and provision while jailed. 

Pastor Wu Wuqing detained 
On February 25th, Pastor Wu Wuqing of Early Rain Covenant Church, Chengdu was taken away by police after Sunday worship. Pastor Wu's family later received a notice that he was detained for 14 days for "organizing illegal gatherings." Read our report on how church members remained peaceful and took communion in front of police.

Pray for Pastor Wu, his family, church members, and their persecutors.  

Christian detained for helping sell books
A believer from the Taizhou Church in Zhejiang was detained for helping people sell Christian books. Sister Xin Naihui was arrested in November 2023, and church members issued two prayer requests on February 28th on her behalf. Read how her case is not an isolated one.

Pray for Sister Xin, her family, and her persecutors.  


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  • International experts, including ChinaAid President Bob Fu, expressed "profound and grave concerns" about looming threats to religious freedom in Hong Kong. Read the full statement here

  • Mayflower Church member Leah is working hard and enjoying her job at Gatti's Pizza in Midland Texas! Please pray for her. 

  • This week, we've been celebrating the birthdays of Mayflower Church members TitusEllen, and Jenny!


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