Date:  March 15, 2024

Kim_Jong_Un_-_North_Korea.jpg                           Yoon_Suk_Yeol_-_South_Korea.jpg

Kim Jong Un - North Korea                                                    Yoon Suk Yeol - South Korea

North/South Korea - North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, has anncounced that the unification of his country with South Korea is no longer possible.  All the North Korean organizations tasked with reunification will be dismantled.  The Korean peninsula has been divided since 1953, when the Korean Conflict ended.  As no peace treaty was signed, the two Koreas have remained technically at war ever since.  Now it looks as if hostilities and war might become a grim reality again, with Mr. Kim threatening a nuclear attack on South Korea and South Korea saying they will respond "multiple times stronger" to any provocation from the north.  In the midst of this situation are the extremely prayerful Christians of South Korea and the extremely persecuted Christians  of North Korea. 

How to Pray:  Please pray that the Lord will give peace in the hearts of our brothers and sisters in both countries.  Pray that the Lord will hear the prayers of the faithful on both sides of the border between the two lands, and pray that the Lord of heaven's armies will avert war between North and South Korea.