Date:  April 3, 2024


DRC (International Christian Concern) – At least seven people were killed on Tuesday, April 2, as members of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) carried out a midday attack on the village of Mangodomu, located in Mangina, Beni territory, in DRC’s North Kivu province.

Nicaise Kyora, president of the youth parliament of Mangina, confirmed the deaths, adding that others were taken hostage, and the local Christian health center had been looted and set on fire.

“The rebels entered Mangina without being noticed,” Kyora explained. “It was at the Ballon roundabout that it crackled with bullets in the air. At least seven people were killed, including a woman. After the ADFs went to the (health) center of Mangodomu, which they looted before burning it down, some nurses were taken hostage.”

In recent times, the ADF has violently targeted Christian hospitals and churches in DRC to disrupt peace and stability in the region. One such devastating incident occurred at the CECA 20 (Evangelical Community of Central Africa) hospital of Mangodomu, where the ADF militants set the facility on fire, leading to considerable damage and chaos. Tragically, some nurses working at the hospital also went missing following this attack.

“The deliberate targeting of essential Christian institutions like hospitals and churches not only demonstrates the ruthless nature of the ADF but also highlights their intent to undermine the social fabric and disrupt the provision of critical services to the local population,” a local reverend said. “By attacking places that are meant to provide care, healing, and support to communities, the ADF is not only causing physical destruction but also instilling fear and insecurity among the people.”

This attack comes roughly four months after the ADF killed 19 people, kidnapped many others, and looted shops in the village of Mukondi.




Video of attack on Mangodomu.Video of attack on Mangodomu.

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for healing for those who lost loved ones. Pray for the immediate return of those taken hostage. Pray for restoration of the community’s local health center.