Date:  April 5, 2024


Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – The decades-long struggle of the Gereja Kristen Protestant Simalungun (GKPS) Buntu Pane Congregation, Kisaran Resort, is finally bearing sweet fruit. After 25 years of tension with the local community, the congregation can now worship in peace.

The church formed in December 1997 as members gathered in homes. A year later, the congregation decided to build a simple structure for worship. After local community members protested, government officials denied the church its right to build the structure.

Since then, the congregation has continuously sought to build relationships with local officials, including police, council members, prosecutors, religious leaders, the Ministry of Religion, and the Asahan Regency government.

Finally, in 2022, the Ministry of Religion issued GKPS Buntu Pane a prayer permit, and in 2023, the congregation received permission to construct a church building.

HOW TO PRAY:  Please pray that the process for churches in Indonesia to obtain building permits will become easier so that more Christians can worship in peace.  Pray for tensions to continue to ease in this community. Praise God for this step toward greater religious freedom. Pray for similar developments for churches across Indonesia.