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International (MNN) — Western cultures place a high value on productivity and being good stewards of time, resources and energy. But for many Christians in the world today, survival sometimes has to put ministry values like these on hold.

Spoken Worldwide’s oral Bible translation teams in Sudan, Myanmar and Nigeria have felt this challenge keenly.

“All these places are where there’s high probability of persecution, logistical challenges,” Ed Weaver with Spoken Worldwide says, “whether in Myanmar, for example, (where) the internet has been shut down by the government; in Nigeria, where you’ve got kidnappings, and uncertainty and fear that runs unchecked among Christian leaders; and the war in Sudan that’s caused the diaspora.”

Weaver says their U.S.-based staff is working on how to best support their partners, whose hearts are to share the gospel. But it’s a time of danger and displacement that calls for God’s wisdom.

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“We can as Westerners kind of dissociate from the risk and say, ‘Well, we’ve got a project to accomplish,’” Weaver says. 

“Or, we can come at this with a very compassionate heart and say, ‘Look, you’ve got to take care of your family, and we have work to do. How do we get it done?’”

They have found that if they can help a team member protect his or her family, that eventually leads to a place where they can reestablish ministry connections. 

“We really are being called, in watching these events transpire around the world, (to) say, ‘Okay, God, where are You at work in this? Can I focus on that, not my specific ‘need,’ but on what You’re doing?’” Weaver says. 

As several Spoken Worldwide ministry projects are put on pause, there are no clear-cut solutions. Would you pray for these brothers and sisters caught in war and unrest? Learn more below. 



  • For Sudanese that have had to flee their country, pray for peaceful transition. Pray for quick resolution of any necessary paperwork for them to be established as official refugees in these particular countries.


  • Some of Spoken Worldwide’s teams in Myanmar are staying put despite dangers. Pray for their protection, safety, and courage from the Holy Spirit. Pray that they will be able to share recordings of Scripture with their friends and neighbors.


  • Pray for courage and wisdom as Nigerian believers ask questions like, “Lord, how long do I hold fast here in my village? Is there a point where I do need to move? And if I go, where do I go? How can I continue to reach back into this region after I’ve resettled in a new place?”


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