Haiti (MNN) — Haitian leaders finalize a deal for a temporary government, establishing a nine-member council that will pave the way for presidential elections by early 2026. However, outgoing authorities must approve details before the council can act.

Meanwhile, rulers in Port-au-Prince extended a state of emergency until May 3.

Partners in Haiti tell Helen Williams of World Missionary Press, “The entire country is pretty much shut down. Prices on everything from food to gasoline are climbing. Food is becoming increasingly scarce; no one is working because of the violence.”

One partner shut down its offices in the capitol, but staff continue to help vulnerable kids in their neighborhoods.

“It is an unbelievably dangerous area, and yet, these children are still coming when they can,” Williams says.

“The ministry is still working; they’re going to keep helping the kids to know God.”

Haitian students read WMP Scripture booklets.
(Photo courtesy World Missionary Press)

World Missionary Press sent a 40-foot container to these partners, and it was being cleared through customs when fighting broke out in the capital in early January. Four months later, it’s still there.

“You can’t get it cleared, and you can’t get it from the port to the location where it’s going to be housed and used,” Williams says.

Pray for an immediate end to the gang wars and violence in Haiti. Pray that Christians can somehow get the WMP container out of customs to distribute and use the material inside.

“There’s half a million booklets on that container, just so much material that could be doing such a positive work in hearts at a time when people have nothing else to lean on,” Williams says.

“Pray over His Word and the protection of it. We believe we’re to prepare it, and the delivery is up to Him. We saw God work marvelously with the Russia container, and we believe He will do the same with this.”


Header image is  a representative stock photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.