Date:                          April 10, 2024


Prisoner Sentence_Update (1).png 
A year ago today, two brave rights activists were given brutal jail sentences for "subversion of state power." 

Dr. Xu Zhiyong & Ding Jiaxi were sentenced by a Chinese court on April 10th, 2023, to 14, and 12 years behind bars. We've reported on how both these men endured horrendous torture during interrogations by Communist Party authorities. 

Who are Dr. Xu and Ding? Both are renown activists who spent years advocating for transparency within the Chinese government. They were also vocal about the defense of citizen rights. 
A year into their sentence, both Dr. Xu and Ding are enduring harsh prison conditions. 
We learned about a month ago that Ding's been in solitary confinement for some time, has daily 'homework,' and has no communication rights. 
Dr. Xu's famiy has not been able to meet with him for a few months now, after he was transferred to a different prison. 
We remain resolute in doing all we can to support Dr. Xu and Ding as they endure an unjust sentence for their voices for freedom.
Please join me in prayer for both these men today, and consider a partnership with ChinaAid to provide financial and legal support to Dr. Xu, Ding, and their families, however possible. 
I so appreciate your heart for the persecuted faithful and for your commitment to remembering Dr. Xu Zhiyong and Ding Jiaxi a year after their sentencing.
Serving the persecuted with you

Bob Portrait Square

Bob Fu, ChinaAid President

P.S: You can find Dr. Xu and Ding's prison mailing address on our website - they'd be so encouraged to hear from you!