Syria (MNN) — Sworn enemies Israel and Iran trade threats amid escalating tensions

Iran’s supreme leader says Israel must be punished for its assault on the Iranian embassy in Syria. In return, Israel’s foreign minister vows to strike Iran directly if the Islamic Republic targets Israel from its territory.

Samuel* with Redemptive Stories says the latest tiff began after an Israeli attack on Friday.

(Graphic cred: E3 Partners)

“There was a bombing that Israel perpetrated on [the Iranian] embassy in Syria… to kill a high-ranking official in the Revolutionary Guard who happened to be there visiting,” he says.

“It was a target opportunity that, from what I understand from reading various reports, the U.S. was unaware of. The U.S. military is on full alert in the region, expecting some retaliation from Iran.”

As usual, Syria and its people are stuck in the middle of a proxy war between Iran and Israel.

“It’s just more of the chaos they’ve been living through the past 12 years,” Samuel says. “The chaos has looked different at different seasons; there was open war, COVID, economic sanctions, an earthquake, plus constant incursions by the IDF [and] by Iran.”

Believers are committed to staying in Syria, and the Lord is at work. “Our brothers and sisters there, keep pressing on. They keep walking [by] faith,” Samuel says.

“God is doing amazing things among the Druze, among the Kurdish people in the north; it’s quite powerful.”

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“The only way to survive is by the help of others from the outside. There is not enough income within the bounds of Syria to provide a month’s worth of meals for a family,” Samuel notes.




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