Date:  July 1, 2024


Laos (International Christian Concern) — Authorities recently arrested a pastor and five Christians during the middle of a prayer gathering in Tahae village, Khammouane Province.

The village chief and security officials made the arrests on June 22 at Pastor Mum’s house. Those arrested, who ranged in age from 23 to 50, have been detained at Xaibouathong district prison. Human rights groups have stated that the village chief arrested the believers as part of his efforts to crack down on the spread of Christianity in his village.

Since 2019, roughly 40 to 50 Christians have met at Mum’s house for prayer, worship, and fellowship. The previous village chief was allegedly more tolerant of Christians living in the area, but the election of the current village chief, Lang, has led to more harassment toward Christians.

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for the immediate release of these 6 prisoners. Pray for the village chief to come to know Christ. Pray for protection for this community of believers in the future.