Ukraine (MNN) — If your area lost all power and communications, would your church still gather? If they did, would you go?

For Ukrainian churches, the answer is yes.

The latest Russian attacks targeted Ukraine’s power grids. Eric Mock with Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) says, “They are dealing with rolling blackouts. People are suffering in the heat many nights with no power in the middle of the fear and anxiety that comes along with it.”

In the darkness, churches are still meeting in basements and bomb shelters for worship and time in God’s Word.

(Photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association)

SGA is providing light and hope to Ukrainian churches by sending generators and solar-powered energy sets. “All of these different systems allow for a modest amount of lighting so that people can gather together and read their Bibles,” says Mock.

“We live in a time in which you can actually have light using your cell phones. They would actually take bottles of water and rest their phones on the light to kind of diffuse light throughout the room, and they were recharging their cell phones using these power sets.

“There are very creative ways to provide…resources to maximize the advent of the Gospel and presentation of the Gospel.”

Pray for a solution to end the war and for Ukrainians to seek Jesus.

Mock says churches in Ukraine have an encouragement for believers who aren’t currently living in a war context. “We’ve heard them say while the sky is blue and you can hear the birds singing, now is the time to drink deeply of God’s Word to advance the Gospel.

“And when there are seasons when the sky is rainy and cloudy and dark, then you are ultimately prepared because you were rooted and grounded in the Word of God.”

You can support Ukraine ministry and aid with SGA here!

“Let it move us to action to not only take advantage of the time that we are in to be Gospel witnesses and rooted in God’s Word, but also to stand with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.”


Header photo courtesy of SGA.