“For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth
to strengthen those whose hearts are FULLY COMMITTED to Him.”


If your heart is loyal to GOD, He will show Himself strong in your life! GOD’s Word reminds us that He continuously watches for those who are steadfast in their commitment to Him. When He finds His children loyal to Him, He makes His presence powerfully evident to them. King Asa is a good example of GOD’s loyalty to man despite man’s wavering loyalty to GOD. (2 Chronicles 14-16). The LORD never rests or sleeps. He is never distracted. His eyes diligently seek individuals whose hearts are completely committed and loyal to Him.

Sometimes like’s challenges seem impossible. Do you feel you are too weak to fight the battle? Don’t give up! Keep your heart loyal to GOD, for He constantly watches over you, and He desires to demonstrate His strength in your life. GOD is willing and just as capable of giving you victory in your current challenge as He was with those in times past. The question is not whether GOD is looking for His people, but whether His people are seeking Him. Take comfort in GOD’s promise that He watches over you and He wants to give you victory. Guard and Keep your heart’s loyalty to GOD, for the LORD desires to demonstrate His power and His grace in your life. Our loyalty matters to GOD.


Dear LORD, we desire to be people whose hearts remain loyal to You, that we may experience Your great power and deliverances in our lives. We rejoice in Your grace and Your loving kindness. May our hearts be found faithful and loyal to You, and may we always honor You and bring glory to Your great name. Thank You in JESUS’ Holy Name, Amen!


Loyal Till He Comes,
Pastor Wally & Sister Mattie