PSALM 33:4

“For the Word of the LORD is upright, and all His work is done in faithfulness.”

There is hope for you in CHRIST JESUS. He wants to give you peace of mind and rest for your weary soul. Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” The LORD GOD is concerned about you and He is faithful to every Word written in His book called the Bible. It is in His Word where you will find your much needed hope…

Luke 21:33- "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.”  Yes, you need to be strengthen in your mind on today and the prescription to gaining that strength is found in prayer and the Word of GOD alone.

Whatever we need for life and living, GOD has already provided for us in His Word. We have to seek Him by faith in believing that He can do anything! Nothing is impossible for Him! GOD wants to encourage and heal your mind in the midst of your going through the pain of life’s circumstances with this one word called “FAITHFUL.”

GOD is “Faithful” even when we can not see beyond our pain.

Life happens to us all, but how we respond to life determines our desire to press forward through it or drown in it, be it joyful or painful circumstances.

Today, I just want to encourage you to remain faithful to the LORD our GOD, regardless of what your lot may be on today. When hearts break and roads bend, when troubles come, time and time again, when plans change and dreams fade and when all your thought was “Is there hope?” GOD is faithful!! Trust Him! He is our only True Hope today, tomorrow and thoughout eternity!!!


Prayer ...
DEAR GOD, I’m in constant amazement of your Holy Word. It soothes my anxious heart and breathes life into the weary places of my soul. Your unfailing love is written line by line and displays the true majesty of who You are. HOLY SPIRIT, I pray the words of Psalm 33:4 to be written on my heart. May these words be the first I turn to when doubt begins to creep in. Let these words change my heart and my life for Your honor and glory. Thank you, LORD, for Your Word, in JESUS’ Name. Amen!

Because He Lives,
Pastor Wally & Sister Mattie