Hebrews 6:11
“But without faith it is impossible to please GOD.”

This is an incredible statement—yet, it is in the Bible! Take it for exactly what it says. Just think! Anything a person does, in attempting to be Christian, means absolutely nothing, if he lacks faith. For without faith, he has no hope—no possibility of pleasing GOD.  Any who are not pleasing GOD are Christians in vain. That is serious!  Consider yourself. Do you have real faith? Is it sufficient for salvation? Can you know?  YES, you can!

Do you lack faith to know that GOD is with you? To overcome sin and guilt?  To be healed of disease? To believe all things in His Word? Do you lack faith that “all things will work together for good” if you love GOD (Romans 8:28)?  To believe GOD will work out injustices you have received? To believe GOD will provide for you? To believe that you can endure severe trials and persecution? Or that GOD will deliver you from them? Do you lack faith to see the soon-coming kingdom of GOD more clearly and that you can be in it?

Today’s world is in deep trouble. Problems are escalating all over everywhere on a planet cut off from GOD. The Return of JESUS CHRIST—to restore and to set up the Kingdom of GOD—is imminent. CHRIST can come anytime soon!  The Bible’s question is: “Will He find faith” when He comes? Will JESUS find authentic faith when He comes?  I urge you to seek the LORD while He may be found!

LORD GOD, I pray that Your SPIRIT will help me know and understand how to found in faith and to daily live by faith.
In JESUS’ Mighty Name. Amen!

Living By Faith,
Pastor Wally & Sister Mattie