Through JESUS, therefore, let us continually offer to GOD a sacrifice of praise – the fruit of lips that confess His Name.”

“Through JESUS” teaches us that our worship and service are only acceptable because of our Great High Priest, JESUS. We should present praise and thanks with this understanding.

Why “continually”? A Jew might come with a yearly sacrifice. If we are in harmony with GOD’s Word we will come time and again throughout each day. Our prevailing attitude should be praise and gratitude. Whatever way you look at it, the LORD deserves infinitely more praise than we will ever offer because of His majestic splendor and His wonderful works of creation, providence and salvation.

“Offer to GOD.”  Some people would not accept our praise – they are so “superior” and proud. GOD, who is perfect in every way, is pleased to accept praise from us. We, although so unworthy in ourselves, need not hesitate to offer praise in the Name of CHRIST, to our Most Holy GOD.  How amazing!

“A sacrifice of praise the fruit of lips that confess His Name”. GOD wants, “true worshipers (who) will worship the FATHER in spirit and truth,” (John 4:23). Praise and gratitude should be our offering, whatever our situation. The Jew might think about bringing the fruit of the earth as an offering. What GOD wants are words that come from a heart that says, “JESUS is LORD!”

Heavenly FATHER, thank You for CHRIST’s sacrifice of Himself on the Cross for my sake. I pray that I may show forth my grateful love and praise to You through an ongoing sacrifice of praise. May the fruit of my lips and the thoughts of my heart be honouring to You. In JESUS’
Marvelous Name, AMEN.

Gratefully His,
Pastor Wally & Sister Mattie