ROMANS 12:10 (ESV)

"Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor."

The love of GOD, demonstrated by JESUS on the cross, is our foundation for how to treat others. We are to be devoted--committed--to other Christians; to act selflessly. We are to honor each other (regardless of status, position, or any other factor) because we are all precious children of ABBA GOD, our FATHER. --To honor is to give preference to another. It is the act of extending to another the first opportunity. Giving preference is more than good manners; it gives preference of another person's needs over your personal needs. When we honor others above ourselves, we are not doing so from a place of weakness, but rather from the strength that comes from knowing we are needed, useful, unique individuals in the family of our ABBA FATHER.


ABBA FATHER, I purge myself from everything displeasing to You. I want to be a vessel fitted, ready, filled and useful for the glory of GOD. I make myself available to You, fit and ready for any good work. I offer myself fully to You--spirit, mind and body. Make me a vessel of honor. I lift up my family, fellow believers, my government and my business to You. Show me through Your Word how to honor others and live honorably. In JESUS' Marvelous Name. Amen.

Blessed To Honor Others,

Pastor Wally & Sister Mattie