PSALM 18:30
“As for GOD, His way is perfect: The LORD's Word is flawless; He shields all who take refuge in Him.”

David reminds his audience that the word of GOD, like silver and gold, has been tested and proven to be pure.

This Bible verse begins with the words “As for GOD,” an ascription of praise to GOD by David. He recognizes GOD as the source of all blessings and gives Him credit from a point of personal experience. “His way is perfect” denotes that GOD’s way is not lacking or defective in any way.  His ways are holy, blameless, true, just, and pure. He is complete, full in every way, and we can trust Him in all things. This verse is telling us that GOD’s way is perfect, and that His Word is flawless. The phrase “His way” refers to GOD’s methods of dealing with sinners.  GOD’s actions and decisions are reliable and trustworthy. He is blameless, true, just, and pure. His ways are perfect. The word “perfect” in this verse is translated from the Hebrew word “tamim” which means “complete, without blemish, whole, undefiled.” The word “flawless” is translated from the Hebrew word “paz” which means “pure, refined, without defect.” —The phrase “He shields all” denotes a shield that the warriors used for defense. It is an image that reminds us that YAHWEH is a protector and defender of all who trust Him. HE shields and defends those who put their trust in Him. We can trust GOD to be our defense in times of need. —This Scripture, His divine Word, is intended to elevate our understanding of His faithfulness and the certainty of His Word-His great and precious promises. We are encouraged to bolster and solidify our faith in GOD’s faithfulness. HE is trustworthy, and there is no reason to doubt His character or Word. GOD our FATHER will do in deed what He says in His Word! Look up to Him, seek Him, turn to Him! ABBA GOD is our refuge, our Faithful GOD!

Gratefully Blessed,
PW, SM, PJ, DP and Josiah