Matthew 20:28
“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give His life as a ransom for many.”

GOD HAS CALLED US ALL TO HAVE A TRUE SERVANT’S HEART. TO DO THIS, WE MUST FIRST LOVE AND SEEK GOD OURSELVES. THEN WE CAN TRULY LOVE AND SERVE OTHERS THE WAY JESUS DID WHEN HE WAS ON THE EARTH. —JESUS became a servant to save us from our sins. He humbly obeyed GOD the FATHER’s will and went to the cross and suffered so much, taking the wrath and eternal punishment from GOD for our sins and He died in our place to save us. —JESUS’ perfect life, suffering and death is the ultimate example of true humble service. 

Self-denial is the foundation of servanthood.  As servants of CHRIST, that means we should desire to serve and love others. We will not automatically have a servant's heart, after all it takes sacrifice, patience and hard work. However, when we rely on GOD’s strength and not our own, we can find ourselves maturing. It may take time and effort, but it is a worthy endeavor that honors and glorifies GOD.  -Lastly, the good and faithful servants are those who please GOD in what they do and understand who they are. They are visionaries, seeking greater things in order to present the LORD with excellent results, because they are delighted to satisfy Him and exalt Him in this world.

Gracious ABBA FATHER, grant that we may serve You in our daily walk and in our everyday interactions with other people. We ask that You give us opportunities to be loving, gracious, compassionate, respectful, encouraging, and generous.  May those we encounter today see your love shine through our actions, our words, and how we relate with every one within the sphere of our influence. And in that, help us seek first to have a humble servant’s heart, In JESUS’ Gracious Name. Amen.

Humbly Serving Him,
PW, SM & Family 🙏❤️💯