1 Thessalonians 5:19   “Do not quench the Spirit.”

One way to quench the SPIRIT is to treat with contempt the message that the HOLY SPIRIT delivers to us, either through people or the Scripture. Treating that message with contempt would essentially be to reject it. Or by choosing to ignore it. JESUS spoke much about the SPIRIT’s ministry in the Christian’s life. He is our advocate, our helper and our counselor. He directs, guides, and gives us knowledge and understanding and wisdom about GOD and His Word.

The Apostle Paul warns his readers against dousing or smothering the ministry of the HOLY SPIRIT, who warms the believers’s heart to honor GOD, love GOD and please Him. The SPIRIT inspires believers to serve and honor GOD faithfully, to worship, to pray, and to encourage others. He ignites believers' hearts with zeal to win unbelievers to CHRIST JESUS.  The HOLY SPIRIT also extends our vision and allows that eternal perspective to influence the decisions we make in our daily lives. If we undertake this effort and quench not the SPIRIT, our inner being is quickened and we will be inspired not to neglect prayer and the study of GOD’s Word. Thus, we dare not quench the SPIRIT through disobedience or neglect.

Dear GOD, thank You for the gift and the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT in our lives. Help us to become more and more sensitive and submissive to Your SPIRIT’s leadership, for Your praise, honor and glory in the great and mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST. Amen.

Happy New Year!!!

With Our Love and Prayers, 
PW, SM and Family 🔥🙏✝️❤️