Psalm 104:30
“When You send Your SPIRIT, they are created, and You renew the face of the earth.”

In this verse, the writer is praising GOD for His creative power and His ability to renew and sustain the earth through His SPIRIT.  It may also be applied to the renewing work of the SPIRIT of GOD in the souls of men, by whom they are made new in CHRIST JESUS, and by whom they are daily renewed in the Spirit of their minds.

In CHRIST JESUS, a repentant sinner becomes a new creation and is born again by the power and wonder working grace and blood of CHRIST on the cross! We are restored to spiritual fellowship with GOD as if we were sinless like Adam and Eve before they ate the forbidden fruit. Receiving GOD’s HOLY SPIRIT brings us to life spiritually and gives us eternal life. The renewing work of the HOLY SPIRIT is a progressive experience that sanctifies a believer until we reach the fullness and maturity in the faith that is in CHRIST JESUS!

ABBA FATHER, thank You for Your ongoing involvement in the universe that You created. I know that our world is broken as a result of the fall and our human rebellion to Your will, but I take comfort in knowing that You hear our prayers and that Your HOLY SPIRIT is still at work in our world renewing us daily in CHRIST including your creation. Thank You, in the gracious Name of JESUS. Amen.

PW, SM, & Family 🔥❤️