Genesis 32:22-30


Sun was about to set in sandy desert, night was to come very soon

In the cloudy barren wilderness, so ghostly appeared the fainted moon

Memories of past, invaded Jacob's mind, there was nothing but sand

He sent his entire family across the river, and remained alone in land !!


Why did he sent his family across? Possibly he wanted there to pray

He wanted to talk with God and perhaps wanted many things to say

Nothing was heard there, only the sounds of desert wind and river

O' he purposely left himself alone to grow more in spiritual endeavor !!


Time passed by and almost midnight was about to dawn

Yes, he was all alone, nearby was no village or any town

And behold, in front of him appeared a mighty celestial creature

It was so dark that Jacob could not see his face and feature !!


Jacob did not expect this sudden deed so mysterious

No one knows whether he was frightened or curious

Hurriedly on surprised Jacob, that creature roared and jumped

I believe, gallons of blood in the heart of Jacob was surely pumped !!


In the barren sandy land began a fierce wrestle

For no one was there, to run away ,was any castle

Book of Genesis does not give much wrestling detail

But book of Hosea speaks vividly an interesting tale!!


Genesis tells Jacob just wrestled and valiantly fought

But Hosea 12:4 tells clearly in what manner Jacob fought

Hosea mentions, He cried, wept and made supplication

He was repenting of his past seeking renewed justification!!


Why did he cry and weep if he was on the winning side?

His crying and weeping shows this fight lessened his pride

Possibly mighty celestial creature reminded him his sinful past

And Jacob bowed down in true sorrow and repentance at last!!


He was reminded of his relations with Esau whom he cheated

And in the power game of inheritance, he, with him, falsely treated

He was surely reminded with bitter relations with his father in law

And in this wrestling certainly all his selfishness & infirmities he saw!!


Do you want to see your infirmities and hidden sins my dear friends?

Send across your family, ambitions and self motive! It's heavenly trend

Find sometimes to talk to God in barren sandy land of your misfortune

And believe, God will personally talk to you in divine melody and tune!!


Jacob did the same to seriously, have a conversation with his loving creator

He surely expected, by doing so, things around him will be blessed and better

He could not have encounter with God in the midst of wealth and possession

Send your ego over the other side and be alone in perfect submission!!


Friends, He was about to enter the promised land with great zeal

But this mighty celestial creature, seemed all his ambitions steal

Jacob might have thought, completely now are defeated his dreams

Nothing cherished is left for him now onwards, only cry and screams!!


Remember it was a physical wrestling so furious neck to neck that occurred

Both could touch, hold and feel each other but no one seem to have conquered

Then the man said, “Let me go, for it is daybreak.” In awe & honor Jacob replied

I will not let you go unless you bless me. Yes, he wanted blessings to be supplied!!


Moved by the cry and supplication, the man asked him, "What is your name?

Jacob," he answered!! Yes, it means the deceiver, He said- you are the same

I wanted you to tell your name! I wanted you to confess your transgression

You've admitted - you're JACOB, a deceiver! Be blessed for a new migration!!


Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, Then the man gloriously said

O' how wonderful it is to be from Jacob to Israel, a new creation was made

Similarly, when to Jesus we tell our real name, we become a new creation

The life that was full of sin and fleshly desire is filled with his adoration!!


Jacob said, "Please tell me your name, and bowed down right there

But he replied, "Why do you ask my name? Then he blessed him there.

Jacob said-I have surely seen glorious awesome God face to face

And yet I am spared! Isn't his loving, abounding, Amazing Grace?


John 1:18 says No one has seen God face to face! What's then the story?

1 John 1:1 says- We touched, felt and experienced God in Jesus' glory

Jacob says- He wrestled with God and not the angel. Is he telling lie?

No, It was GOD, the God who was touched ! He was Jesus who did die!!


An ordinary angel can not declare Israel a great God's nation

It can only be Jesus to whom goes all our praise & adoration

Judges 13:18 tells possibly the name of same angel “wonderful”

Isaiah 9:6 clearly says- Jesus' name shall be called wonderful!!


Let us send every thing across the streams and remain alone in dry land

Jesus will come not only to bless but to wrestle in our dusts and sand

When he reminds our infirmities, sins,spiritual sickness and disease

After you confess & tell him your real name, He'll grant you eternal peace!!