HOPe Mission and Vision Statement


Christians In Crisis Ministry desires to promote prayer advocacy for the persecuted church worldwide by encouraging individuals, prayer groups and churches to become a House of Prayer everywhere for the suffering church.

The needs of the suffering church and their cries for our prayers are foundational to the purpose of encouraging people to pray. It is through the House of Prayer Ministry everywhere, that our prayer advocacy can make a difference to those facing persecution today, as we join in prayer agreement for our brothers and sisters with the following purposes:

1) To provide a forum for those who have answered the call of God to intercede in behalf of the persecuted church to gather for prayer focusing on the needs of our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.

2) To provide a forum for those who have partnered with the Christians In Crisis, Intercessory Prayer Ministry to gather with like-minded believers to pray for the needs of the persecuted church, Christians In Crisis Ministry, its’ Founder/Director Pastor Wally Magdangal and other ministries serving the persecuted church.

3) To provide an atmosphere and forum conducive to the worship of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, through testimony, scripture reading and Intercessory Prayer.

4) To provide a forum to come together to be educated, informed and pray together in united focused prayer for the persecuted church.

5) To encourage believers in their support of the persecuted church.

6) To assist individuals, prayer groups and churches in the establishment of groups of praying people globally who are committed to serve the persecuted church by their prayers.

7) To provide guidance and materials to these groups and facilitate them in remaining in focused intercession for the persecuted church.

8) To be a support to the local church by encouraging people to pray and to give of their finances to their local body.