HOPe Guidelines for Meetings
1.         Opening prayer focused on the persecuted church.

2.         Scripture reading about suffering, paying the price.

3.         Share persecution account from Bible days and/or others from resources like:

                         Foxes Book of Martyrs, Jesus Freaks, etc.

                        Show persecution Video/PowerPoint (optional)

4.         Sing a couple of intense worship songs to develop an atmosphere of worship and prayer.

5.         Prayer time  focused on the suffering church worldwide using:

                *  Prayer points and persecution updates provided through CIC website.

                * The daily/weekly CIC releases covering news on the persecuted church.

                *  Pray for the ministry of CIC and other HOPe's

6.         Challenge attendees to:

                  * Sign up to join CIC's intercessors.

                  * Give sacrificially to help fund CIC projects worldwide.

                  * Invite other believers to get involved with CIC HOPe

                  * Attend meetings regularly with entire family because we are praying for 

                       families affected by persecution.


Message From Pastor Wally

   The vision God has given me is to raise up Houses of Prayer everywhere throughout the planet consisting of families praying for families under the hand of oppression through persecution. That is why in all meetings I desire to have the whole family present. As leaders in the Body of Christ and the mission God has given us to fulfill we must prepare the next generation to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. We must also strive to keep the vital importance of challenging all to pray for Christians in crisis in todays world. What better way can we prepare our children to carry out the mission and calling to be a voice to “Shatter the Silence”, than to include our children in our Houses of Prayer everywhere Ministry. We must be vigilant to keep our focus on our purpose of intercession for the suffering church, we can best keep our focus by challenging each other to stay focused on the calling of our prayer ministry, to follow these guidelines which will produce strategic, focused prayer in one mind and one accord for our brothers and sisters being persecuted. Although their needs are numerous, I am fully convinced that prayer is still the most and the least that we can do for them.                                                                                     

                                                                                                In His Service,

                                                                                                Pastor Wally