Sonny attends our church ...last Saturday while he and his wife were on their way to church, he felt the same symptoms that took his life away momentarily on November 5, 2000 in Las Vegas (read his account below). Sonny struggled getting to church, but as soon as he entered our place of meeting, he felt the power of God come upon him and he was instantaneously healed! Praise God! Sonny and his wife came a little bit late to church due to his physical struggles. When they came to church, we had already started and we were singing to the LORD. That's when Sonny got a touch from the Holy Spirit that resulted to his immediate healing. Toward the end of our gathering right after I had preached, the Holy Spirit prompted me to do an exercise on healing. Many got healed and Sonny was blown away at the timing of the healing ministry...he later told me what had happened to him and we rejoiced in God's intervention and healing that came upon several in attendance especially with Sonny. God is good!!! Glory to GOD!


“To all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, 

I just want to share this to you all, a story all too familiar with me. For I am one of them blessed by God to have a second chance in life. On November 5, In the year 2000, I had a massive heart attack.

And I literally passed away in the emergency room at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, NV. for about 10 minutes. (medically,5 minutes of of no oxygen will render you brain dead)

While they were working real hard to revive me, my dear wife was in the chapel praying real hard for  God to restore me back to life, and the Great God in Heaven Our true and only God heard my wife's plea for mercy. And here I am sharing my life experienced with all of you, that our God is a forgiving God. And at that time, all I know about our God was He gave Moses the 10 commandments and that was all.

Now I know why I am still here with you. I am here because God called me to be an instrument to spread the truth about an everlasting life that awaits us all. I praised and thank the Lord every minute of the day for the opportunity to serve him, and let no man put us under because God is always here for us to guide and lead us to life without end. God is Great, Hallelujah!!  

Thank you Jesus