CIC partner church in Cainta, Rizal Province, Philippines with Pastor Johnny and Sister Menchu had been a recipient of a mighty visitation from the Lord manifesting in this miracle of life:


thank you so much for your concern.
just want to make a praise report on what's been going on in the church FIRSTFRUITS.
wHAT'S with FIRSTFRUITS? that's what they always ask.

come to think of it, it is not us. we were merely sent by God to teach and train these children to be
worshippers. when you have worshippers, you have prayer warriors, and intercessors at that who have devoted their life to hug the Lord.

when we first decided to set up the works of the Lord in cainta, we had the thought of having the members grow much more maturity by increasing the works of the Lord - wednesday - mid-wk service, thursday – bible study, and friday - prayer meetings aside from the sunday service. but to our chagrin, the elderly slowly faded from the picture and the children slowly pickup the teachings like picking apples. down on their knees during the praise and worship, you would think that it
would never stop. they would be enjoying the presence of the Lord every minute of it. tears flowing down on their faces, prayers are shot to the air like arrows across the skies. prayers that is the backbone of the church, that is why God moves mightily in our needs.

last Feb. 24, 2008, while we were all enjoying the presence of God, one of our elderly members Nanay Loraine, more than 80 yrs. old,  was still dancing during the praise and worship time,  when her son bro. romy noticed that she took a seat and just sat there motionless. he quickly took her hands and then everybody noticed that she was not moving.

i was then preparing the lectern when i noticed that they were having a commotion with nanay Loraine.  i quickly summoned my wife sis. menchu to look into the incident. she quickly got a hold of nanay loraine and everybody else were praying for her recovery. she was already lifeless or dead as sis. menchu said. a seasoned nurse, she was already instructing bro. tony, to bring
the jeep about to take nanay loraine to a hospital.

everybody did not lose faith. we kept on praying against hope, they were raising her hands but they were lifeless, she already peed(urinated)in her chair, and from my vantage point, her face was already darkened without blood so they said. sis. menchu commanded the spirit of death to depart from nanay loraine and the spirit of life of nanay loraine to come back. and she slowly opened her eyes.  


Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
a miracle, we could say. it is His presence in our lives that satisfies. it is His goodness that presses us on to greater heights.

nanay loraine is still attending the church services, sunday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. her other sons and daughters heard of the miracle and they showered her with blessings of food, clothing and money which strenghtened her more. we were more than full house last sunday after word spread out about the miracle that the Lord did. we are stilll praying for a bigger church where we could accomodate all that the Lord would be sending us and the needs of the people especially the children. Some will be graduating from the elementary with no knowledge if they would be able to continue with their studies. we are all relying on prayers.
well, these bright and talented children are still with the church and some churches have signified to have a joint fellowship with us because they envy the prayerful spirit of the children.

we pray that the Lord will continue to show His goodness and faithfulness to us. God bless you more and more!!!