We held our Friday morning meeting at Seattle Revival Center's facilities with 70 other volunteers who came from different States and cities across the USA. Our number was joined by believers from several Washington and Oregon churches.

It was day one for our mission team in the Seattle-Tacoma, WA., area. We all came to pray together, inspire one another and join forces in preparation to embarking on a mission that would target and reach at least 100,000 Arab Muslims with the Gospel message.

By noon we divided into several teams, loaded up our vans and proceeded to several locations to visit mosques and give away thousands of tracts to Muslims as they left their mosques after their noon prayers. Our first day with the Muslims turned out with some interesting results.

On Saturday morning, day two, we all came together again at Seattle Revival Center. Kamal, a former terrorist who was sent to America to destroy this nation, gave a stirring account of his salvation testimony. His testimony was followed by my own testimony and challenge to pray for the salvation of all Muslims and also my challenge for the church to reach those that are already within our borders with the Gospel message.

By noontime we all boarded our vehicles and proceeded to the Seattle Center where the Arabs were having an Arab Festival at the Seattle Center on Saturday and Sunday. That festival expected to draw at least 100,000 Muslims from the Arab world.

We encountered all kinds of reactions and challenges from these Muslims as we made every attempt to showcase the love of Christ to every one of them. Hundreds and thousands of the JESUS film were given away. Many of us had one-on-one dialogues with Muslims. There were moments of great joy as we prayed with Muslims to know Christ JESUS.

The Arabs were all over the festival grounds and we found lots of opportunities to love them for JESUS! With a JESUS smile on our faces we approached these people with "gifts" in our hands of the JESUS Film. Many of them received our "gifts" and thanked us...some trampled the "gifts" under their feet right in front of us...while some accepted our "gifts" then threw them in the trash cans. Matilda made efforts to retrieve several of the gifts that we saw in the trash cans.

At the festival, Matilda, Preshus and I encountered several young Saudi Arabian college students. Our meeting and discussions with them were interesting, deep and intense...the SPIRIT of GOD gave us much wisdom and blessed us all with some pleasant moments. The end result - Preshus, Matilda and I were welcomed by these young Arab men to pray with them and for them to receive a revelation of Christ! The Spirit of the LORD was working with us and we won several to CHRIST!

Day three, Sunday, I spoke at the morning service of Seattle Revival Center. In the afternoon the Lord had me speak at a Russian Church before my family and I headed back home to Sacramento on an evening flight.

At both the morning and afternoon services, God's people were challenged and inspired to pray and do all they can to help spread the love of God by witnessing to the lost and praying for their salvation. The LORD had blessed the church with the best news of all time. We all need to share the good news about JESUS CHRIST so that none shall perish and all may have that one lifetime opportunity to make the right choice for their eternal destiny.

Others in our team went ahead to the Arab Festival's final day to continue reaching out to the Muslims and some came off from the festival with several praise reports of salvation. Praise God!

The Church in America needs to wake up from her slumber...especially with the ever-increasing threats from fanatical elements of Islam to destroy America and the freedom for which she stands for. There is no denying that many of them are hard core believers of their Islamic doctrines that call for the death of infidels, Christians and Jews alike.

If the Church fails to go to these Muslims with the love of Christ Jesus - these Muslims will soon come to us with the sword of Islam.

Pray for the Church in America to wake up...pray for JESUS' followers to step out in faith and fully trust GOD to use each one in reaching the lost for CHRIST.

Truly the harvest is plentiful and is ripe for harvest. JESUS said "Pray that there will be more harvesters..." The church has more bench-warmers than harvesters. WAKE UP!

As for me and my family, ISLAM stands for - I Sincerely Love All Muslims.
Let's remain patient and persistent in our prayers for their salvation.

Because of Christ and Calvary's Cross,

Pastor Wally and Family